Saturday, April 6, 2013

Western Digital RE 4TB WD4000FYYZ Hard Drive Performance Review


Not long ago I had some bad experience with the 4 terabyte Western Digital Black hard drives where the original and the replacement drive where faulty and had to be returned and my money refunded.I was dismayed by the events and decided to stay away from the 4tb black and move on.However I was intrigued by an online discount coupon for the similarly designed 4 terabyte RE WD4000FYYZ series drive and made a hasty purchase of the 4tb RAID Edition which is pretty much a tuned up Black drive.It shares the same 5 platters with a density of 800gb per platter to make up it's 4 terabyte capacity and 10 total read/write head assembly.Both also spin at a 7,200rpm and contains 64mb of ddr2 memory cache and come with a lengthy 5-year warranty.Only major differences are the different firmware and TLER or Time Limited Error Recovery enabled on all RE drives but is completely disabled on the Black series drives.The enabled TLER helps significantly to prevent errors on the disk from causing the drive in RAID arrays from dropping out before the RAID controller times out,stops waiting on the drive to correct itself and drops it from the arraying causing catastrophic data loss or degradation of the array depending on RAID level used.Unlike the Black the RE is designated as an enterprise class drive and is heavily marketed for the role and rightly so.However it is still a hard drive and can be used for any role one should desire.However It's cost of just over $400 will keep it out of sight for most home users.Below is a snippet of information on the features contained within this massive hard drive.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

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