Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seagate Barracuda 3TB Hard Drive Review:Is it king of the hard drive waters?


This past Black Friday had tons of storage deals and this 3TB Barracuda might have been the highlight of those storage sales.With prices as low as $89.99 for this particular drive from several online retailers this drive quickly became a must buy item even if it wasn't a necessity such as my purchase of it.I bought this particular drive for $99.99 at Amazon and received it a day later.Now with the drive finally in hand lets see if there is something more than a low price that makes this drive so highly sought after.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Western Digital Velociraptor 1TB Hard Drive Review.Is it still the king of hard drives or a true dinosaur in this age of technology?


Today I have the latest generation Western Digital Velociraptor for review.Western Digital is back again with a updated models of their renowned 2.5 inch,10,000rpm
beast. This specific drive is the WD1000DHTZ; a 1 terabyte capacity drive and the first Velociraptor model to sport such a high capacity.The new raptors are also available in 250gb and 500gb capacities.Every two years or so the Velociraptor gets refreshed not just at a hardware level but at the marketing level as well with this new model.WD is no longer pushing this drive as the ultimate choice for gamers and enthusiasts.This drive is prominently being marketed as a workstation solution.Western Digital states that the drive is ideal for High-performance computing, 3D rendering, digital content creation and editing, scientific computing and image management.Considering the features such as 10,000rpm disc speed,SATA 6gb/s interface,1 terabyte capacity,64mb cache,RAFF,No-Touch ramp loading, pre-emptive wear leveling,and a 5-year warranty.With those features in mind it's apparent this drive was built for serious workloads that are common in professional workstation environments.